CARDIO MIRACLE (90-Servings)

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  • Increase Nitric Oxide 24/7
  • Natural Energy
  • Immune System Support 
  • Improves Circulation
  • Fights Inflammation
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins and Amino Acids
  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Enhances Lymphatic Performance
  • Cost Per Serving - Regular $1.67, Subscribe & Save $1.42

  • 90-Servings Canister of Cardio Miracle (45-day supply at recommended dosage of one scoop, twice daily). Subscribe & Save members receive 15% off and free shipping. $1.67/serving at full price. Best Value

  • Live and buy without worries with our 60-Day money back guarantee. We know you'll love your CARDIO MIRACLE, but if for any reason it doesn't meet your expectations we are happy to offer you a full refund.
    We don’t compromise: Gluten free, 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, made in the USA.
    Products you can trust. We manufacture in a cGMP and FDA compliant facility. Each of our canisters carry a lot # and expiration date (2 years from manufacturing date). We use the finest ingredients available and certify what on the label is in the canister.

  • We offer a flat rate of $12.97 for domestic shipments USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day shipping).
    Shipping to Canada and other countries Cardio Miracle uses the least expensive option between FEDEX, UPS and USPS Priority Mail International.

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into a smoothie

Cardio Miracle is the evolution of years of Nitric Oxide research. No Nitric Oxide boosting formula is more complete or effective because Cardio Miracle is the only product in the market that uses both L-Argenine an Nitrate/Nitrite pathways to ensure your body will produce enough Nitric Oxide to see results.

What Our Customers are Saying

Cardio Miracle is the only supplement my wife and I take every single day. The Cardio Miracle formula is superior to any formula I have ever used. I believe that everyone should be on this formula to help protect and promote their health. In my own family we have a history of brain aneurysms. Cardio Miracle is my preventive nutrition to minimize that risk for me. Highly recommended!" - Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author, "The Emotion Code.

Dr. Bradley Nelson

I had to get a neurologist. After looking through everything, he told me 'I have to tell you that I'm looking at a miracle.' This doctor as well as the rest of them thought I was miracle at that point. Just getting better and better and becoming more of a miracle is one of the greatest things that I can hope and pray happens. Cardio Miracle is one of the great things that I credit it to.

Bruce Nelson

Holistic Chiropractic Physician & A Cardio Miracle

It's an exceptional product and a nutrient you may want to consider taking. And you don't have to be sick to take it. It's as preventative as it is corrective." OR "Cardio Miracle Vegan is an amazing libido formulation, along with taking nitric oxide supplementation to a level never before approached. We are delighted to have had an influence on its development.” OR "Cardio Miracle's Nitric Oxide formula and extended delivery is not only profound but it takes Nitric Oxide supplementation to a breakthrough level never before achieved.

Brian Clement

Brian Clement, Ph.D

I helped formulate and test in my office several nitric oxide formulas on thousands of patients over the past decade. I now buy and take Cardio Miracle daily for my personal use. In my opinion it is the finest nitric oxide product ever formulated in the marketplace.

Dr. Joe Pendergast

My blood pressure has been a major concern in my quest for excellent health… Nothing seem to work. Within three weeks on Cardio Miracle taken twice a day, my blood pressure dropped to normal without medication. I was so grateful to learn of this amazing product at Hippocrates, and I am already recommending it to others. I guess I can say that I learned something really important at Hippocrates that I didn't learn in the Harvard/MIT curriculum." OR “I was skeptical when first hearing about Cardio Miracle. My personal results, my loved ones results, and my research has confirmed that it is the finest supplement I have ever taken or evaluated. Everyone should benefit from it and prove the results for themselves as I have.

Dr. Josh Helman

Im healthier, happier and my mood has improved thanks to Cardio Miracle. This is a product I see myself on the rest. of my life, for health. and to keep my immune system strong. After 2 years on Cardio Miracle, I no longer have my heart condition symptoms. I also notice my depression is improving without any meds.

Elizabeth Fairchild

I had major blood pressure problems and started taking a nitric oxide booster. Today I have a blood pressure of a young man and feel better than I have in a long time. I can’t stress this enough. If you have cardiovascular problems, or a family history of cardiovascular problems, nitric oxide can help you when conventional medicine can’t. Of all the nitric oxide boosters I’ve tried, Cardio Miracle is hands-down the most effective.

G. Edward Griffin

Author, National Personality

I was introduced to Cardio Miracle by John Hewlett, and I was familiar with the benefits of nitric oxide, so I knew the value of a product like that. Then I started to look at the list of ingredients John has in his product, and I saw it's an exceptional list of ingredients. I started taking it and now I take it a couple times every day. I know the effect it's having in my body, so regardless of whether I feel a change or not I will continue to take the product because I know what it's doing in my body.

Ty Bollinger

Cardio Miracle has been so great. All my levels are up. Even taking Vitamin D supplements and being out in the sun as much as I did didn’t help. My vitamin D is perfect now, my cholesterol is down to 182. It hasn’t been under 200 for years. I just had my dental check up this week. I’ve had very receded gums for years, going to the dentist was pure torture because I had so many roots exposed. All of my gums have come up! My check up was painless. Awesome results. Besides the fact I just feel so good.

Leslie Christensen